Carbon sequester capability LCA of EcoMatPro ultra-dense bamboo matting system

EcoMatPro commissioned an assessment to determine the carbon footprint of its products to support environmental reporting across our range of products.

ECOMATPRO team welcome PT GeoServices with multi-year agreement

We are delighted to announce on the 23rd of September the consolidation of a comprehensive licensing agreement between EcoMatPro Pte Ltd and PT Geoservices for the territory of Indonesia.

Press Release

With the completion of a Territorial Development Agreement encompassing Japan, Malaysia, and Australia, EcoMatPro Pte Ltd are delighted to welcome Upstream Petroleum Pty ltd (UPPL) to the EcoMatPro

Demo Day Summary

ECOMATPRO® Pte Ltd Demonstration Event. July commenced with an early start and a great day at the Cengkareng golf corporate facility.

Salt Water Testing

We are delighted to announce a rigorous Salt water immersion test delivered excellent results.


Plenty of activity through the month. Kalimantan gold mine, typical haul trucking issues.
Traditional solution involves haul fill, crushed rock, level, compact and maintain.