Q4 – 2020
ECOMATPRO team welcome PT GeoServices with multi-year agreement.

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At EcoMatPro we custom-design heavy-duty matting systems to facilitate access and uninterrupted operations in the most demanding environments.

Engineered from FSC certified Bamboo our products are constructed from the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, durable material available.

Our patented 4 point quick-locking system makes configuration and deployment on site a simple task.

Sustainable solutions for even the most challenging environment.


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How ECOMATPRO® Bamboo Matting can Boost Your Performance

Key features

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System delivers “steel to steel” mat connectors, totally independent of the HDSW BAMBOO beams.
Designed for quick connection, engineered to stay connected.


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Site Repair


Cost Control System:
Our unique design allows single beam replacement on site. Eliminate the cost of full mat
repairs and replacement. R&M kits on consignment provide a key cost saving for remote sites and can be installed by your ecomatpro trained team or our installers.


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Load Bearing


10,611 kN/m2 delivers exceptional performance 2.5 x the competing products.


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Load Distribution


A key design principle. Mitigate front end civil works, fill and compaction can be reduced or
completely removed from your civil works operations.


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A tensile strength of 26,000 ksi equivalent to mild steel and a
DENSITY of 1200 kg/m3, leads to a long-lasting solution.


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FSC Certified


The forest stewardship council certification guarantees our A1 crop and harvesting methods are rigorously maintained, protecting our valuable feed stock and the environment.


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Our unique modular products accommodate a bespoke design, tailored to meet your specific requirements – soil conditions; inclines:

We design and engineer solutions for

  • Temporary road access – ranging from general civil maintenance equipment to heavy mining operations.
  • Hard standing for turning / tipping fill or wash down areas.
  • Rapid deployment oil & gas location and site construction.
  • Relocatable helicopter landing pads for remote regions.
  • Anchored traction matting for slippery entrance/exit ramps.


ECOMATPRO® is a Singaporean
registered PTE Ltd entity.


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Harvest FSC Certified
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Standard / Bespoke Design
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Easy Installation
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