Developed from years of in the field engineering experience and exclusively manufactured for ECOMATPRO PTE Ltd, flex weave bamboo is the only outdoor decking and cladding in the market with industrial roots. Our manufacturing process delivers the ultimate in density, durability and impact resistance. Exclusive flex weave production lines established via partnerships with our carefully selected manufacturers ensures that our products always meet the strictest manufacturing specifications.


Designed specifically for general site and construction areas, with mixed pedestrian and medium haul trucks. Create your temporary mining or exploration camp site, arena and venue ground protection, parking or civil construction lay down areas.
Standard Matting

Standard matting creates a superb access road with central drainage and full weight load distribution. “Roll-on” efficiency delivers significant fuel savings. EcoMatPro's ECM-70(S) Standard matting solution delivers a 24/7 access and turning area with hard standing for all level ground areas.

Gripper Matting

EcoMatPro Gripper matting is our flagship proprietary design for added traction on entry or exit ramps and steep gradients.

Providing uninterrupted access during wet weather, mitigating down time waiting for dry conditions. It can often prove difficult to transport heavy machinery and equipment to the site, especially when there are slippery inclines. EcoMatPro Gripper bog matting overcomes this challenge, ensuring stability and traction on any projects that require temporary roading in these challenging environments.

flush fit

Flush-fit matting provides an excellent non trip hazard working platform, while retaining full load bearing capacity. The perfect solution for all locations where pedestrian traffic and heavy haul loads operate. The ECM-70(FF) Flush-fit access matting can create working platforms of any size, while delivering all of the EcoMatPro superior weight distribution capabilities.