Gripper Matting

ECM-70(G) Gripper Matting

Designed for added traction on entry and exit ramps and steep gradients

EcoMatPro Gripper matting is our flagship proprietary design for added traction on entry or exit ramps and steep gradients.

Providing uninterrupted access during wet weather, mitigating down time waiting for dry conditions. It can often prove difficult to transport heavy machinery and equipment to the site, especially when there are slippery inclines. EcoMatPro Gripper bog matting overcomes this challenge, ensuring stability and traction on any projects that require temporary roading in these challenging environments.

At EcoMatPro, it is important we provide access or hard standings with minimal environmental impact. Our custom matting design ensures that re-growth can continue and the eco-system is able to return to it's original state without long lasting damage.

Contact our team today for more information about our ECM-70(G) Gripper matting and how it can be tailored to fit your project.