Our Modular engineering design provides flexibility on multiple levels.

Service commences with a detailed site review to identify where we can select our ECOMATPRO product to deliver the ultimate benefit to your project, keeping your operation moving efficiently.

The cost-effective Standard mat provides a 24/7 access and turning area with hard standing for all level ground areas.

The Gripper mat is exclusively designed for any slippery inclines. A ground anchor safety system secures matting.

The Flush-fit mat provides a trip hazard free seamless working platform of any size, while delivering all of the EcoMatPro superior weight distribution capabilities.

Unlike HDPE products the EcoMatPro access mat does not create “wave flexing” in front of truck tyres during heavy load movements over unconsolidated ground, resulting in significant fuel savings from improved “roll-on”.

Each mat is interlocked with its adjacent mats via a patented “4 point positive locking mechanism”.

With a mat weight of 460 kg, a high density of 1200kgs/m3 and a tensile strength of 26,000 ksi equivalent to mild steel, our high load bearing capacity continually out performs other products in the market.

We recognise many sites operate in remote environments where transportation of equipment is a significant overhead. Natural wear and tear of our modular design requires a simple replacement of only the worn section. Unlike any other access mat products repairs are conducted on site by the ECOMATPRO technician or by ECOMATPRO trained client personnel.

A service container stocked with ready to assemble replacement beams and patented 4-point linkage mechanisms is available on a consignment basis.