Civil Construction Matting
  • Construct temporary access using less fill and compaction
  • Rapid deployment tunnel access
  • Remove rutting, reduce equipment wear & tear
  • Increase fuel efficiency, extend haul truck “roll on”
Remote Locations
  • Remote site access roads
  • Difficult terrain heavy haul access
  • Heli portable drilling locations
  • Temporary landing pads
  • Transportable
  • Relocatable
  • Access roads
  • Back fill tip face, hard standing
  • Wash down areas, turning / fill up areas
  • Entry – Exit ramps
Drilling Rig Access in notorious Sumatera clays
  • Drilling locations
  • Hard standings
  • Access roads
  • Culvert crossings
  • Camp sites
reclaimed swamp drilling rig pad
  • Rapid deployment & access to remote spill areas.
  • Minimize spill cross contamination
  • Wash down station hard standing clean up area