Urgent pipeline access

Urgent Pipeline Access


The client faced a significant challenge, with a very wet difficult pipeline route delaying urgent installation. With a fixed contract deadline, failure to meet the completion would result in stiff penalties. The client requested an emergency call out for heavy duty matting.

The Approach

With no time to conduct a site survey, EcoMatPro immediately mobilised our most versatile matting solution, the ECM-70(G) gripper.

The Solution

Progress of the pipeline installation had stalled at a very wet area, with equipment unable to make the swamp crossing and complete the export pipeline connection to the production station. With ECM-70 (G) gripper matting the inclines and gradients are easily traversed. But the flat swamp crossing section required filling above the water line. To compound the problems the amount of matting on site was insufficient to lay the usual 5.6 mtr wide access route across the entire swamp.

Our site engineer consulted ECM engineering solutions, the ECM team approved a single track ECM-70(G) gripper mat access (2.8 mtrs wide) built on a raised crossing, entirely constructed from native mud, No fill or compaction. The raised access was constructed in one day, ECM-70 (G) matting laid in 4 hrs. The construction crews gained immediate access and continued to connect the pipeline. The project is back on track within the completion deadline.


ECM-70(G) delivered uninterrupted access to not only the incline ramp areas but proved so versatile a single layer of matting provided immediate access for vital pipeline installation equipment.