reclaimed swamp drilling rig pad

Reclaimed Swamp Drilling Rig Pad


The team at EcoMatPro was approached by a large scale national oil company to provide a quality access matting solution for their upcoming project.

With the new project located on a coastal swamp area, the client required a swamp mat solution that would provide heavy duty access during all tidal conditions. The project required matting to support a drilling rig on site, with skidding capability, as well as the installation of a production facility, and a gathering station.

The project would feature multiple heavy lift cranes and pile driving operations, very competent hard standing and access solutions are required in this coastal environment.

EcoMatPro was able to deliver a solution meeting all of the client’s requirements.

The Approach

With the clients specific needs in mind, the EcoMatPro team surveyed the site. Ground bearing DCP test results indicated <2 CBR, confirmation that the site had very low compressive strength and was not strong enough to support the weight of the heavy machinery required for the project, without the assistance of our bamboo access matting system.

The Solution

Based on the specific requirements of the project, EcoMatPro engineering delivered a focused design of ECM-70 (G) our unique heavy duty gripper ramp for installation on vital supply inclines. The gripper matting delivers added traction and uninterrupted access, no matter the weather conditions.

For the remaining flat access and hard standing areas, we installed the ECM-70(FF) flush fit bamboo access matting, with heavy duty connectors. The EcoMatPro bamboo matting products used in this project provided the client with a heavy duty working platform capable of supporting all heavy equipment with multiple excavator and fork lift loading operations.


EcoMatPro’s involvement in this project allowed the client to maintain critical supply lines with the ECM-70(G) gripper bamboo matting providing additional traction for all haul trucked equipment and supplies.

The ECM-70(FF) flush-fit access matting’s exceptional weight bearing and load distribution properties really excelled in the low compressive strength soil conditions. This is an ongoing project, so far there have been three months of operations with ZERO repair costs to the client thanks to EcoMatPro’s unique, eco-friendly design.