Pertamina Project

Critical all-weather equipment access for Pertamina production field


A vital expansive aged oil field required extensive work over and field enhancement to restore production for the National Oil Company. The operation area is surrounded by one of the highest rainfall catchment areas in Sumatera. Access to almost all of the well sites had deteriorated to the point only full large scale civil works could restore access for vital rig equipment. The cost of the large-scale civil works placed considerable financial burden on project economics.

The Approach

EcoMatPro conducted an extensive local site survey, designed an installation and recovery “leap frog” system, ensuring the very effective use of matting to provide road access and site hard standings for all drilling rig and ancillary support equipment.

The Solution

ECM-70(G) provided equipment access for site clearance, preparation and site levelling, ECM-30 (our new general site matting) covered the entire hard standing area. ECM-70(S) standard matting provided load bearing support for the drilling rig. Three “kits” of equipment leap frogging between sites, delivered a very efficient operational schedule.


After 35 weeks of operations the client has enjoyed continual uninterrupted access to all well pads. ZERO matting repair costs to the client. Work over and restoration of production has exceeded expectations.