Critical Cost-Effective Mining Roads

Cost-Effective Critical Mining Roads


A gold mine development in Kalimantan Indonesia faced considerable difficulties expanding the site through the steep surrounding terrain. Hauling fill was proving very costly, very high rainfall continued to erode and undermine daily progress.

The Approach

EcoMatPro surveyed the access routes, steep gradients dictated a ECM-70(G) gripper application. To overcome the erosion from the high continual rainfall a very rapid installation, with ongoing matting ramp surveying.

The Solution

EcoMatPro installed ECM-70(G) across vital soft filled runoff gullies. Rapid installation targeted bottle neck areas reducing the client matting rental costs while maximizing gripper matting impact.


ECM-70(G) delivered uninterrupted access with a single layer of matting on inclines of 15%. 35T trucks gained vital uninterrupted cost effective access, providing expansion into areas previously deemed inaccessible by the mine owner.