Renewable Harvest

EcoMatPro harvests only FSC A1 grade bamboo, the most durable, sustainable, fastest growing renewable resource on the planet.

Growing at rates in excess of 1 meter/day our bamboo forest absorbs approximately 5T/hectare per year of CO2 emissions.

While capturing the CO2 emissions, the bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent grove of trees.

We harvest on a 4-5 year cycle with our raw material in its prime and optimizing the CO2 sequestering growth range. Imagine a crop which responds to a regular harvest, thrives from sustainable forestry techniques and delivers as a significant CO2 sink.

Every crop we harvest and engineer into our eco-friendly access mat contributes to our global well being.

It is possible to bring “Cradle to Cradle” C2C philosophy to the energy, mining, and civil sectors limiting decimation of hardwood crops, which typically require 50 years to maturity, no regrowth and significant irreparable deforestation.