ecomat construction engineering


Aug 2019

Plenty of activity through the month. Kalimantan gold mine, typical haul trucking issues.
Traditional solution involves haul fill, crushed rock, level, compact and maintain.

ecomat truck

The solution install ECOMATPRO “Gripper Ramp”.


ecomat green truck

Multiple “GRIPPER RAMP” design for coal mine access, 70T articulated equipment, high slope gradients. Objective to add 2 years commercial life to the project.

Multiple “GRIPPER RAMP” design for 30 T fixed axle equipment. Very soft incompetent sub soil, high slope gradients, land anchored ramps. Rejuvenate the coal mine from Care & Maintenance to full commercial productivity.


ecomat engineer workers

ECOMATPRO keeps you moving.



July 2020

Our Site Installation team will conduct a pre installation review of entrance / exit ramps in a gold mine prior to installation of gripper mats.

ECOMATPRO engineering completed preliminary engineering of a heavy duty “Raft” design to support ultra heavy duty mining trucks while tipping at backfills with very low CBR sub structures. This is a very exciting design, featuring dual layer ECOMATPRO matting acting as a compaction raft for over burden fill.